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The CHy e-Board is a virtual space where the Commission for Hydrology (CHy) community posts information of interest.
Appropriate posts for the CHy e-Board include communications from the President, documents for discussion, announcements of forthcoming meetings etc, related to the work of the Commission for Hydrology.

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Call for PhD Applications: PhD in Understanding and Managing Extremes at Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS Pavia

Call for PhD Applications, deadline 14th March 2019:

PhD in Understanding and Managing Extremes at Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS Pavia

PhD in Understanding and Managing Extremes is a 48-months full-time Programme at IUSS jointly with Università degli Studi di Pavia and with EUCENTRE Foundation.

The UME PhD aims to train graduates and professionals with strong scientific and professionals capabilities, aware of the cultural, technical and management contents related to the understanding and management of the extreme situations caused by natural disasters.

The course is organized into two curricula:

  • Hydrological, Weather, Geological, Chemical and Environmental Risk (main topics: hydrology, meteorology, climatology, climate change, soil and atmospheric physics, fluid mechanics, environmental monitoring, chemical risks)
  • Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology (main topics: seismology, geophysics, geology, geotechnical behavior of materials and structures, structural analysis, design of new structures and assessment existing structures)

The course will be held in English.  Grant amount is about 15300 € per year.

The selection interview can be held remotely via teleconference.

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CHy-Ext: Pre-session discussion is now open. We need your opinion!

The CHy-Ext Pre-session discussion is open to all Hydrological Advisers, CHy and OPACHE members, Regional Working Groups on hydrology members, and everyone interested in international cooperation in hydrology and water resources management.

You will find more information about the CHy-Ext Pre-session discussion in following letter from the President of the Commission for Hydrology

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WMO HydroConference, 7-9 May 2018

WMO Hydroconference website

The Global Conference for Prosperity through Hydrological Services (HydroConference) aims to foster collaboration on improving the availability and use of hydrological services worldwide by:

  • Promoting collaboration for new and ongoing initiatives, including the establishment of data exchange;
  • Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the full range of water stakeholders to coordinate efforts towards greater impact; and
  • Mobilizing public and private sector leaders to leverage support for key initiatives.

For more information please visit: http://hydroconference.wmo.int/en

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CHy-15 Newsletter

CHy-15 Newsletter


CHy-15 Newsletter (December 2017) is now available for download.

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Working on concept of Global Multi-hazard Alarm System

Executive Council of the WMO at its 69th session recognized that early warnings for weather, water and climate hazards have demonstrated to be very effective in reducing loss of life and property and that there is a necessity that warning information from all countries should be made more easily available for decision makers at different levels including the United Nations humanitarian agencies and general public. Therefore it endorsed the GMAS vision to be recognized globally by decision makers as a resource of authoritative warnings and information related to high-impact weather, water, ocean and climate events.

The concept of the GMAS and its implementation plan including identification of users’ requirements is being developed for consideration of Executive Council 70th session in 2018. The idea of GMAS future functionalities includes the platform for gathering the warnings from authorized national authorities, in particular National Meteorological and Hydrological Services, who are recognized as both, stakeholders and potential users as the ultimate condition for GMAS is to use only official warnings.

Support of humanitarian actions of UN institutions has been identified as the first priority of GMAS development. The intention is to provide UN bodies with warnings from NMHSs and other relevant WMO products to enable them plan and coordinate their activities efficiently without need for searching for alternative information sources. As a result the visibility of NMHSs should increase.

In the second step, a discussion on necessity, possible forms and means of provision of warnings to general public using GMAS is considered.

The leveraging with existing activities and mechanisms of WMO, in particular discussion with Regional Associations and Technical Commissions is recognized as critical component of implementation plan to prevent duplication of effort to contribute to Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction target G on increasing the availability of early warning information for public.

Commission for Hydrology was represented at October GMAS meeting by responsible AWG member to promote hydrological services’ needs towards future GMAS. What can you do concerning GMAS?

1)            Ensure that your hydrological service is listed in Alerting Authorities database as institution responsible for flood warnings (or warnings for other phenomena). Editing of National entries of the database is done by National Meteorological Service in Your country.

2)            Contact AWG member Jan Danhelka at danhelka@chmi.cz with your requirements and needs as potential user and stakeholder of GMAS (what benefits would you expect from sharing your warnings via GMAS, what limitations and conditions you see for GMAS implementation etc.).

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