Commission for Hydrology 14th Session – Draft programme of work 2013-2016


The 14th session of the WMO Commission for Hydrology will be held inGeneva from 6-14 November 2012. One of the major objectives of this meeting will be the review and adoption of the Programme of Work for the Commission for 2013-2016. The purpose of this e-Board discussion is to provide members of CHy with the first draft of the Programme of Work and seek feedback on this draft prior to CHy-14 in November.


In December 2011, the CHy AWG met, along with hydrological representatives (including Regional Hydrological Advisers) from each of the WMO Regional Associations and representatives from IAHS and UNESCO and with a written contribution from IAHR. Based on the inputs from these representatives, the AWG compiled a draft Programme of Work for 2013-2016. The AWG had an in depth and robust discussion on the thematic areas for the presentation of the CHy programme of work and decided that the thematic areas adopted by the last Commission for Hydrology remained valid and worthwhile to continue with one addition. The thematic areas of:

  • Quality Management Framework – Hydrology
  • Water Resources Assessment
  • Hydrological Forecasting and Prediction
  • Water, Climate and Risk Management

were retained and an additional thematic area on Data Operations and Management was included to address data management issues, such as observations, data exchange and protocols, data transfer formats, data information, WIS and WIGOS.

The AWG also considered its structure and agreed to continue with the structure that included four OPACHES linked to the 5 Thematic areas, namely:

  • Basic Systems –  supporting the Quality Management Framework and Hydrology and Data Operations and Management thematic areas;
  • Water Resources Assessment – supporting the Water Resources Assessment thematic area;
  • Hydrological Forecasting and Prediction – supporting the Hydrological Forecasting and Prediction thematic area; and
  • Water, Climate and Risk Management – supporting the Water, Climate and Risk Management thematic area.


Members of CHY are requested to provide written comments on the Draft Programme of Work 2013-16 directly on this website (on clicking “Leave a reply”) or by sending an e-mail to . Comments will be received up until 30 June 2012  and will be incorporated to the extent possible in a revised version of the draft to be further considered at CHy-14 in November 2012. Please note that comments can be provided in English, French, Spanish and Russian (preferably in an attachment).

The Draft programme of work 2013-2016 is available for download here below:

Draft programme of work 2013-2016 (PDF)


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